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Ingenuity, adaption and advancement are at the forefront of every product and service we provide. Innovation propels us, and guarantees premium options for every customer.

Sustainable Solutions for You

Our teams are continually pursuing solutions that meet your needs while increasing sustainability in everything we do. Noteworthy changes within the industry include:


A complete withdrawal from the use of tributyltin, which is extremely toxic to marine life. International® was one of the first major suppliers to do so.


Ceased using coal tar, becoming the first major coatings supplier to remove this excess of potential carcinogens from the environment


Completely phased out the use of lead chromates, becoming the first heavy duty coatings supplier to do so.

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A Leader in Premium Coatings

Every layer of coating is researched, tested and tried to continually improve upon past learnings and future needs.

Read about the smart innovation that goes into premium International® coatings.



Staying at the forefront of innovation includes setting new standards in spill protection and fire solutions for the whole industry.

Intersleek 1100SR

Read how one chemist led a mission to create a higher-performing, more sustainable coating in record time.

Interbond 2340UPC

Interbond 2340UPC

Join one of AkzoNobel’s Technology Leaders as he explains some of the inspiration behind the innovation.

Intertrac HullCare

AkzoNobel is pushing boundaries beyond paint and coatings to deliver a higher class of service from every angle.

Combining high - performance hull coating technology, cutting-edge ROV (remote operating vehicle) inspection and big data performance monitoring with proven hull cleaning techniques - the industry’s most environmentally sustainable hull management package to date.

See how innovation in action helps keep fleets operational for longer with Intertrac® Hullcare.

Ingenuity in International Service

Learn more about the services that provide layers of innovation to support your assets throughout their journey.

Custom Paint Guides

Custom Paint Guides

See how a hands-on approach to painting led to an unparalleled library of tips and techniques for all types of boats.


This groundbreaking service for maintenance engineers would be nothing without this mastermind and his four decades of service.

Interplan Digitized

Interplan Digitized

From ditching a helicopter at sea to fleeing a coup, adventurous on-site surveys propelled a bold initiative to update Interplan.


It started as the untapped potential of data points, and led to a transformative technology used by the marine industry worldwide.