Marine Coatings Stories

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea has partnered with AkzoNobel’s International for more than 40 years. Not only have they been a cooperative business partner, but International has provided innovative products and excellent technical expertise. I believe that we are growing and winning together so far. Whenever I think of International, I think of hardworking individuals in both the sales and technical teams. In my mind, they are amongst the most valuable assets for the International brand. International have always been the pathfinder in terms of new technologies. Products such as Intersleek and Intershield have long been acclaimed due to their technological advance. I am happy to congratulate International on their 140th anniversary.

Kyung-Koo Lee – Head of anti-corrosion design section in HHI

Thunderbolt Marine

Dennis and Julian Polite are two of the most familiar smiling faces at Thunderbolt Marine, in Georgia, USA. They have been in charge of application of antifouling and other International® coatings. Dennis was a Paint Supervisor for Thunderbolt Marine for decades until handing the reins over to his son, Julian.

Dennis started using International products in 1974 when he worked as a lead man for Diamond Manufacturing where they built ocean going tugs. He worked as paint supervisor for Palmer Johnson, Lockheed and for Trinity building Landing Craft Utilities. Dennis has applied tens of thousands of gallons of International products including on the yachts he’s painted for Thunderbolt Marine. 

Dennis now manages facilities maintenance using International products. “We have painted all of our equipment with Interthane 990”, Dennis commented. “The product is easy to touch up and stands up to the extreme UV and salt air exposure.”  “A good product makes us look good too.”   

Julian is Thunderbolt Marine’s Coatings Supervisor in charge of blasting and coating vessels of all sizes.  Julian and his team have applied thousands of gallons of International product over the years on the topsides and bottom of the yachts and commercial vessels that they service. Julian said, “Intertuf 262 and Intershield 300V are easy to sand, easy to work with and I really like Interthane 990 for the ease of overcoating.”

Dennis and Julian both agree that products have really improved over the last 20-30 years, and that they plan to remain loyal to the product range.