Yacht Coatings Stories

Grand Banks Yachts

Grand Banks Yachts have spent more than 60 years pioneering and designing some of the most recognisable styles in the recreational yacht industry.

Grand Banks Yachts have been using International products – including anti-foulings, topcoats and wood varnishes since the 1970s. Mohidin Pitchai Rowther is the Production Manager at Grand Banks’ Malaysian facility. “I’ve been using products from across the International range since I joined the company back in 1986. I’ve always found the products to not only be reliable, but also be at the forefront of yacht coatings innovations.”

“The technical support and know-how of the team is exceptional so I always feel in safe hands as a result. Congratulations on reaching this milestone, and I look forward to seeing what innovations are developed moving forward.”

Horizon Yachts

Horizon Yachts is one of the biggest manufacturers of luxury boats in the world. Based out of Taiwan, they have almost 35 years experience in providing custom-built luxury boats to customers all over the world.

Ted Yang, General Manager at Horizon Yachts has been delighted with the partnership between the company and AkzoNobel’s yacht coatings. “We have used International’s antifouling and anti-osmosis products on our yachts since Horizon Yacht’s formation in 1987.” “We trust the International product range to have the best quality and we use them safe in the knowledge that they will deliver unrivaled performance.”

“We have used products such as Micron Extra 2, Gelshield 20 and Epoxy Tiecoat on around 95% of our custom made yachts. Why? The answer is simple, we trust and believe in the products”

Ted continued, “I’d like to congratulate you on reaching the 140th anniversary of International. I look forward to continuing our partnership moving forward.”

Merritt Marine Supply

Merritt Marine Supply is one of the top distributors of Interlux products in the United States. They have been operating in south east Florida since the 1970s and were one of the first distributors of our sister product range, Awlgrip.

Tim Oenbrink is the General Manager at Merritt Marine Supply. “We have been a distributor for Interlux products for more than 40 years now. We take great pride in providing a best-in-class service to our customers.”

“With this in mind, the Micron antifouling range instantly comes to mind and is a product that we always steer our customers to due to its track record and superior performance.”

“We’ve always had a very good relationship with our Interlux sales representatives over the years, as they regularly provide a service that goes beyond our expectations. We’re very much looking forward to further innovations moving forward. Happy 140th anniversary!”

Centro Vernici DR Srl– Casalpalocco (RM) – Italy

Centro Vernici is a paint supplier based near Rome in Italy – owned by the Di Marzio family. They have been supplying International products since 1990.

“We have supplied a wide range of products from the International range for more than 31 years now.” Roberta Di Marzio said. “Some of our most popular products include those from the anti-fouling range as well as the likes of Interfill and anti-osmosis products. It is a testament to the proven performance of International products that they remain so popular.”

Dino Di Marzio added, “Thanks to the fantastic service and the products supplied, it has enabled us to become a well-known and respected reference point for the supply of professional paints for the yacht and for shipbuilding industries.”

“We would like to send our congratulations on reaching this 140th anniversary milestone. There are very few companies in the world that can boast of celebrating 140 years of history. We are proud to have contributed in a small part by marketing the fantastic International products for over 30 years.”

Croma srl – Viareggio (LU)

Croma Italia is a Tuscan based distributor of International® yacht coatings products, and has partnered with AkzoNobel since 2008. Owned by boating experts, Raniero Lombardi and Andrea Checchi, Croma represent the International brand with pride.

“International is not only a global leader in yacht coatings, but one of the main innovators in the yacht sector,” commented Mr. Lombardi.

Mr. Checchi added, “The International brand’s attention to sustainability, the environment and the constant innovation make us proud to play a part in the journey. We are made to feel like we play an integral part of the system. A system that always aims for excellence.”

CSA Srl - Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna (RN) – Italy      

CSA are a distributor of consumer products for the construction and maintenance of boats based on the north-east coast of Italy, close to the San Marino border. They have been supplying International® products for over 15 years.

Andrea Ioli, the Sales Area Manager was keen to congratulate International on reaching the 140th anniversary, “We have formed a solid partnership and we hope to build on this in the future. “When I think of International, my mind immediately thinks of a world-leader for hull treatment – from Naval vessels to pleasure boats.”

“The International range continues to be popular with our customers, especially products like Gelshield Plus, Gelshield 200, Interprotect, Primocon, Interfill 830 and Ultra 300.”  

Hinckley Yachts Services

Hinckley Yacht Services have been offering yacht maintenance and services for more than 93 years across the East Coast of the United States.They have been fantastic ambassadors for AkzoNobel’s yacht coatings, and have used International (Interlux) yacht coatings for more than 20 years.

Tara Regan, General Manager of the Portsmouth, Rhode Island yard is thrilled with the service offered by the team at AkzoNobel. “The service reps and support team are second to none.” “They are prompt and knowledgeable about any questions or issues we may encounter.”  

Tara added, “When we think of Interlux, the first things that spring to mind are quality and superior performance as well as quality service.” “Here at Hinckley, we almost exclusively use Pacifica Plus on our aluminium jets, Micron CSC on our bottoms and Interprotect 2000 for our barrier coats.”

Tara concluded, “I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Interlux and International for reaching this incredible milestone. We’re excited to see what the future holds!”

Rota d.o.o. – Croatia

For more than 25 years, Rota d.o.o. have supplied and distributed International® yacht paint across Croatia and the Adriatic region.

Romano Piculjan, a Naval Architect and Director at Rota d.o.o. was full of praise for the brand that he is proud to represent, “Since 1996, a lot of things have changed – whether that is people, managers, products and technologies but one thing that has remained consistent is the red propeller.” “To me, it represents the highest quality products and extremely knowledgeable staff.” “I am proud to have played a part in where the International brand has got to today.” 

As well as being the Director of Rota d.o.o. he is also the President of the Croatian Boating Industry Association and on the Executive Committee of the International Marine Certification Institute.

Flensburger Yacht-Service

Flensburger Yacht Service, also known as FYS, have been serving the boating industry in Northern Germany since the 1970s. They have been working with the International brand for more than 30 years.

Christian Bader was impressed to learn that 2021 was the 140th anniversary of the brand. “I can see why the brand has such a long-lasting legacy.” Mr Bader said. “I’ve always found the company ethos so be very helpful, customer orientated and always ready with a solution should a problem arise.” “Our shelves are full of products from the International antifouling range – with the VC products being a particular favourite of mine.” “I am looking forward to maintaining our long-term partnership over the coming years.”

Götze Yacht and Boats

Götze Yacht and Boats is a boat and boating accessories dealer based in the Rheinsberg in Germany, founded in 1994 by Michael Götze. Mr. Götze has been using International products for almost 30 years, and has worked with the International brand for 20 years.

“The service of the team at AkzoNobel is very good and they are always easy to reach when I need them.” commented Mr. Götze. “We use all antifoulings, osmosis protection and the conventional paints most frequently.” “For me, International stands for protection systems and yacht colors”.

Mr. Götze was keen to congratulate International on reaching the 140th anniversary milestone. “I am impressed with the continued innovation and quality of the products. Please keep it up”.

Kieler Bootsschau

Kieler Bootsschau are a boating specialist based in Kiel in Germany. They have over 40 years’ experience in providing expert boating solutions in the region.

“We have been using and supplying International products for more than 25 years” explained Martin Baran. “I am always impressed with the performance of the products, as well as the ease of application.” Martin is very familiar with the products from across the International range, but it is the antifouling that stands out to him. “The most frequently used product from our perspective is Ultra 300 – the performance of the hard antifouling is excellent.” “We’ve also got a great support network from the team at AkzoNobel who are always on hand to assist us when required”.

Martin concluded, “I would like to congratulate International on reaching this remarkable goal, and I look forward to many more years”.


Schiffsausrüster are a supplier to the boating industry based in the seaside town of Sassnitz in Germany. Mr Rene Kiesow is the Managing Director, having set up the company in 1992 with Marcel Kiesow in 1992.

“We have worked with the International brand since our inception in the early 1990s. It is an honor to have played a part in International’s 140 years.” “If you were to ask me what I thought about when the International brand is mentioned, I would instinctively say high quality paints and antifoulings.”

It is not just the antifouling range that impresses Mr. Kiesow. “We’ve also had some very good experiences using the Toplac topcoats, this is very popular with our customers.” “The commitment of the team at AkzoNobel to serving us is always appreciated.” “I would like to congratulate International for their many years of market presence and wish them all the best for the future. Thank you for the very good cooperation.“

Skips Yachtausrüstung

Skips Yachtausrüstung are boating accessories supplies based in the beautiful town of Kappeln in Germany. Mr. Hans Zülsdorf is an experiened boater and has used International products for more than 40 years.

“Here at Skips Yachtausrüstung, we have been using primers, fillers, varnishes and of course antifoulings from International since the early 1990s.“ “For me, when I think of International – I immediately think of yacht paints. The name is just synonymous with antifoulings in the boating industry.“ “The service from the sales reps has always been very good, and yet you still continue to improve.” Mr. Zülsdorf continued. “We wish the International brand all the very best for the 140th anniversary and send our congratulations.”